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  • Manila, Philippines,Dec 5, 2011 
  • Dcinema Alliance Corp. in Phillipines Enters into Digital Cinema Deployment Agreements with Major Studios
  • DCinema Alliance Corp. (DCA) has signed digital cinema deployment agreements with Paramount Pictures Corporation (Paramount), Twentieth Century Fox International Corporation (Fox), Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (Warners), and The Walt Disney Studios (Disney) to facilitate the rollout of digital systems to cinemas throughout the Philippines.
  • Under the terms of the agreements, Paramount, Fox, Warner, and Disney have independently agreed to supply feature films to exhibitors in digital form, as well as contribute financially to DCAs rollout of DCI-compliant digital cinema projection systems. DCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrays Technologies Inc., the leading supplier of cinema projection equipment and services in the Philippines.
  • Similar agreements with other studios are in advanced negotiation. MKPE Consulting LLC, a leading consultancy in entertainment technology based in Los Angeles, is leading the negotiations for DCA.
  • As a pioneer in this endeavor, DCA has a deep understanding of the fact that the huge cost of digital equipment has been the stumbling block that hinders exhibitors from converting. With studio VPFs now backing the financing of equipment, Philippine exhibitors can look forward to making 100% digital conversion of their cinemas a reality.
  • Rey del Poso, CEO of Arrays Technologies, said: We are pleased to receive the support of the major motion picture studios in our rollout. With these agreements, we can now offer VPF-financed digital cinema projectors to all exhibitors throughout the Philippines. There are about 60,000 digital projection systems installed in the world today, making this is an incredible opportunity for Philippine exhibitors to keep pace with the changes in the motion picture industry. We believe this new technology will ultimately open the floodgates for more opportunities and benefits for exhibitors, distributors, and the industry as a whole, to reap and enjoy.
  • Neal Rothman, Vice President, Digital Exhibition & Non-Theatrical Licensing of Fox, added DCAs commitment to the digital transition and roll out of DCI compliant digital projection systems in the Philippines and potentially across other Asian markets is very significant. We are delighted to have closed this deal and look forward to working with our friends and colleagues at DCA to bring this plan to fruition.
  •  DCA will install DCI-compliant Series 2 projectors and servers throughout its rollout. State-of-the-art theatre management systems will also be deployed. To add further value to its VPF program, DCA will build a maintenance support facility and associated infrastructure, including a Network Operating Center (NOC) designed to meet the demanding environment of digital cinema. 

SM Cinema to complete d-cinema conversion in Philippines

  1. Leading circuit in the Philippines, SM Cinema, owned by retail conglomerate SM Prime, has inked an agreement with Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) in order to complete digital roll out of its 240 screens by   end September 2012. The wider deal for full conversion is based on the VPF financing mechanism, which will allow the circuit to recoup a portion of costs. It is understood to be the same VPF network, based on signing of four studios, that was set up earlier this year in the territory through a joint venture known as D-Cinema Alliance (DCA)..... click here to read more


  1. Headed by Philippine-based integrator company, Arrays Technology, Inc, DCinema Alliance Corp., (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arrays), has selected a suite of software and hardware solutions developed by Unique Digital to manage the deployment and ongoing support of a full VPF backed DCI compliant rollout in the Philippines. DCA will install Rosettabridge TMS in each customer cinema and have purchased Cinema Accord and Integrator Accord, Uniques estate management and NOC back-office systems to manage the deployment. DCA will install over 400 digital screens in over 60 sites across the Philippines.

  2. click here to read more..

PH theaters going 3D

  1. By Bayani San Diego Jr. First Posted 19:34:00 12/30/2010Filed Under: Entertainment (general), Science & Technology,CinemaIN HOLLYWOOD, there is a move to shift from 35mm film to full digital and, eventually, all-3D cinemas.This technological migration will soon be implemented in the local scene, according to movie industry leaders.This was confirmed by Ric Camaligan of SM Malls, president of the Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council and a member of the executive committee of the Metro Manila Film Festival. As early as five years ago, when I attended the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, I already heard of this development, click here to read more.. click here to read more.. 

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